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23-Jan-2011, 17:04
Just acquired a bunch of stuff at our local swap meet held here once a month. One of the lenses Is a Rival 8 x 10 H. A.Hyatt St. Louis Mo Sole Agent then the serial # is 781
I see six reflections when i hold under a light , to bring him in to focus is about 14" to the center of the lens to the ground glass. The diameter of the glass is 2"

So my question is, Who is Rival, and what type of lens is this

Thanks so much, John

I already got him mounted to board and ready to shoot, I just like to keep a log with what type a lens with each shot




23-Jan-2011, 17:16
It looks like a rapid rectilinear from about 1890-1910. Rival is a model name. Hyatt was a big photography supply house, and they had their lenses made by others, like Bausch & Lomb.

Peter Gomena
24-Jan-2011, 13:51
Your lens looks very similar to my rapid rectilinear from the same era. Mine also is a rebranded "no-name" lens, focal length about 12", inscribed "H&K SF" which stands for Hirsch and Kaye, San Francisco. ("The largest photographic equipment sellers in the West") I have no other way of identifying the lens. I assume it's probably a Bausch and Lomb or similar.

Steven Tribe
25-Jan-2011, 11:30
Someone must have a H.A.Hyatt catalogue - but there doesn't appear to be one on-line.
"I already got him mounted" - funny, I have never thought lenses as being male - almost the opposite, in fact!