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Steve M Hostetter
23-Jan-2011, 16:23
Anyone care to share what they know about simple LF camera design ? Preferably wood cameras ? In fact exhibit small use of metal hardware in general..
Feel free to post any pictures you might have!
Maybe you might have a home made job or have ideas about making one yourself in the future.??
I thank you
kind regards

John Kasaian
23-Jan-2011, 17:05
If you can live without movements, the Gowland Aerials are just big box cameras.

Gem Singer
23-Jan-2011, 17:10

Check out J.B.Harlin at www.jbhphoto.com

Scroll down on his blog.

J.B. designs and builds large format wood cameras for himself and his wife, Susan.

I'm sure he would be happy to advise you if you contacted him.

23-Jan-2011, 17:15
Are Bulldog Cameras still going? Always fancied a go.http://www.bulldogcameras.com/

Steve M Hostetter
23-Jan-2011, 17:45
Thx John, ! Gem, I've seen that website, very cool! thx for that:)

Michael Roberts
23-Jan-2011, 19:10

I wound up using wooden gg clips and wood springs on the back...and wood clips to hold the lens boards on. I have some rather thin aluminum corner brackets to hold the back on, but that's about all the metal hardware.

Even the "brackets" that hold the front and rear standards to the base rail are made of wood. I simply drilled a hole in the bottom piece to allow a bolt to pass through and screw into a 1/4 socket mounted on the underside of the front/rear standard.

I think this is about as simple a design as you could come up with for a view camera with movements.

Mark Sawyer
23-Jan-2011, 19:48
If you don't need movements, the basic design of the old Bostick & Sullivan Hobo cameras may be of interest.

Steve M Hostetter
24-Jan-2011, 05:33
Carter, Michael and Mark, thank you for the suggestions.. I forgot to mention that I do in fact want movements
I like the Bulldog design except you can't rotate the back,, nice looking little camera though

Drew Bedo
24-Jan-2011, 11:52
Hobo, Fotoman . . .Pinhole?

Steve M Hostetter
24-Jan-2011, 12:19
Hobo, Fotoman . . .Pinhole?

Drew, there is no right or wrong answer ,,I guess a pinhole can be cardboard..

My intension was to find something outside the box or just ideas about cameras that don't exist but could

I must say that I am most impressed with the bulldog for my kind of shooting

24-Jan-2011, 15:11

kev curry
24-Jan-2011, 15:20
Is that a sex toy?

Kirk Gittings
24-Jan-2011, 17:31
If you want movements I don't think there us anything much simpler than the Phillips/Chamonix design.

24-Jan-2011, 18:03
Is that a sex toy?

Only in some fringe bars! So I've heard.

kev curry
9-Feb-2011, 04:59
Do you have a number? If your embarrassed pm me, promise not to kiss and tell;-)

Jim Jones
9-Feb-2011, 08:52
Many pinhole photographers make their own cameras; simple, complex, and exotic. Browse http://www.f295.org/