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Sanjay Sen
23-Jan-2011, 14:19
I was browsing the Canham Kodak Film page (http://www.canhamcameras.com/kodakfilm.html) and noticed that 400NC and Ektar are offered in ULF sizes. So my question is: are there any commercial and/or custom labs that offer color film processing in ULF sizes? Also, can you contact print color film?

The only photographer that I am aware of who used ULF color film was the late William Corey. Anybody know how he developed and printed his 8x20 color negatives?

Daniel Stone
23-Jan-2011, 19:59
These films technically aren't "available"(boxed up and ready to sell), but rather, a waiting list has been created, and if they reach the minimum order for Kodak to cut the film to that size, then it will happen. It isn't a viable product in those sizes until someone buys enough of it :).

There are a few labs that process ULF(larger than 8x10) C-41 and E-6 still around worldwide, primarily in the USA.

Lightwaves in San Francisco, IIRC, can handle up to 20x24, LTI in New York can handle 11X14 IIRC, not sure if its JUST for c-41, but maybe e-6 as well. Dip-N-Dunk machines have been made to handle up to 20x24, but most people that wanted big prints generally shot 8x10 and had it enlarged/scanned. The cost of the "minimum order" on say, 12x20 Ektar, could buy a LOT of 8x10 Ektar, and drum scans to boot :). Also make a lot of prints as well.


YES! The current sizes of Fuji Crystal Archive paper are cut into sizes up to 30"x40", so you can theoretically contact print up to that size.

A friend of mine purchased 3 boxes of 11X14 Portra 400NC off of ebay a few years ago, and processed them himself in his Jobo. Contact prints(well, 11x14 contacts) sure looked good!

I believe W. Corey drum-scanned his film, and output on a lightjet(digital c-print).

now that 400NC has been discontinued, 400NC in ULF sizes(let alone 35mm) won't be available I'd assume, so you'd be looking at the new Portra 400 instead as a replacement.


Sanjay Sen
23-Jan-2011, 22:04
Thanks, Daniel. :)

I am aware that the films will not be available unless the minimums are met, but I am curious because they are even being considered for special order in those sizes.

Anybody here shoot ULF color? :)

23-Jan-2011, 22:11
For ULF processing try LTI (http://www.ltiny.com/) in NYC.
They can process ULF C41 and E6 in their Refrema D&D processors. They even did some B&W 12x20 for me.
They are great guys to work with and the service is top notch.

Sanjay Sen
23-Jan-2011, 22:14
Oh, I'm not shooting ULF color anytime soon, if ever! :) But thanks for the information, Ian.

23-Jan-2011, 22:16
No problem. If you do end up trying ULF, i have to say its a lot of fun and addictive.
But if you do need a lab, LTI is amazing for LF and roll formats.
Ive used them for years and they never disappoint.

Sanjay Sen
23-Jan-2011, 22:18
Ian, I am about to step into ULF, just got a Wisner 8x20 and am in the process of getting the accessories together. I just need a tripod (and head) and then I'll be ready to shoot! But color is another matter. :)