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22-Jan-2011, 14:29
As a follow up to my intro, I've a couple of shots of my MPP. I'm not sure which model it is and after viewing 1/2 a doz or so others from searches, I'm still not quite sure. It's not a MkVIII. It looks like a MKVII at the front. I don't think it's any earlier?
A couple of things:
The gg isn't original, the seller told me this before purchase.
The lens is a Schneider Symmar 180 (convertible), badged Linhof.
There are two accessories shoes on the top. I've never seen this in any of the other images of MPP's I've looked at.
The range-finder is obviously missing but I believe some were factory shipped like this, at the buyers request?
The back: Is that the 'International' back, meaning standard dds's fit with no issues? The camera came with a polaroid 545i and Kodak Readyload which seem to fit fine but I've no film to go further than a simple physical fit test.

I'm waiting on acceptance to the MPP Users Club, where I was going to ask the same questions but that could take a week or two!
So, here's hoping. I'm aware that not a lot of MPP cameras travelled outside of Europe or even Britain, for that matter :)

22-Jan-2011, 15:47
It looks like one of the MPP Mark VI cameras adapted to Mark VII, which apparently is not that uncommon. If you go here you can read about the "MicroTechnical MkV1 1/2".

You camera does not have the focus lock on the track (I never used mine), nor does it have the side tripod bush. This is useful for mounting the camera sideways and using swing for tilt (to get forward front tilt), as well as keep the bed out of the frame when shooting a 65mm lens in portrait orientation. It does have one of the most important features of the MPP VII, the international Graflok back, and will not have problems with standard double dark slides.

The GG you have on yours is probably a lot brighter than the original.

(BTW, my MPP VII has a working rangefinder but no wire viewfinder, yours has the wire viewfinder but no rangefinder...)

Tony Lakin
22-Jan-2011, 15:50
I am no expert on MPP's, however the back is definately an international back and will accept all standard 5x4 DDS, I suspect that the accessory shoes have both been retro fitted.

22-Jan-2011, 16:01
I think you've got it nailed :)
Mine has yellowish rail anodising but now I know it has the international back, so thanks, it does indeed seem to be a 'mkVI 1/2' :)
I'm wondering if the two shoes were fitted to take a 3rd party rangefinder and flash.....
Thanks again, dds on order, test shooting will commence next week!