View Full Version : Polaroid 405 back with Graphic View I

21-Jan-2011, 19:30
I recently picked up a Graphic View I camera and the springs are not flexible enough to accommodate my Polaroid 405 back, so disappointing!

Any solutions?

Maybe switching out the springs?

Or is there a graflock back available for the Graphic View I?

Suggestions on where I can find these things would be great, too.

Thank you!

21-Jan-2011, 20:16
You should be able to use a 545 back. They're cheap now.

The GVII has a Graflock back which fits the GVI.

Jim C.
21-Jan-2011, 22:17
There's no new film available for the 545 back, so why bother mentioning it.

Joseph Dickerson
22-Jan-2011, 10:00
You could also convert the camera to a Graflok back. Or, find a Graphic View II. In my opinion, a much better camera than the Graphic View I. The GV IIs usually come with a Graflok back, but I have seen some with spring backs as well. I don't remember seeing a GV I with a Graflok back, but I haven't seen all that many of them.

I'm sure someone will know if a Graflok was available for your camera or if the GV I and II backs are directly interchangeable. It shouldn't be too difficult to do a conversion.

Joe D.

22-Jan-2011, 10:35
Email me for more info, as I have both models.

Steve M Hostetter
22-Jan-2011, 11:21
I bought a RB series B on ebay and then found a 4x5 graflok back ... I did the conversion in my own time and pace.. Get as much information as you can and then think it through

bout the best i can tell ya