View Full Version : 4x5 Daylight Tank

Peter Apple
19-Feb-1999, 06:08
I just found a King Concept 4x5 daylight tank. It looks like a huge 35mm tank. Has anyone used one of these or heard of them? I am worried about uneven developmen

Charles Matter
19-Feb-1999, 12:43
When I used one a long time ago..as I recall, it worked ok..but was a pain in the ass to load and use. Best sheet film dev. is still open trays; or, if you're worried about scratching, use the stainless steel hangers in deep tanks.. These usually have light tight lids, too

Sean Billy Bob Boy yates
19-Feb-1999, 14:01
FWIW another alternative is the Besseler motor base and either Jobo drums or Besseler & Unicolor color print drums.

Robert Ruderman
19-Feb-1999, 18:04
The JOBO daylight tanks, even the lower end tank (6 sheets at a time) is also pretty nice...Uneven development does not seem to be a chronic problem.

Christopher H. Esser
22-Feb-1999, 17:39
4x5 tanks are a pain in the ass! I used one for a while. It held 12 sheets and took 55oz. to fill. And it's hard to get even development, usually I ended up with wavy lines across my negative.

Now I use a small Bessler tube. I can do 4 negatives with 3oz., and they always come out perfect.