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Ellis Vener
6-Feb-1999, 11:55
I have a chance to pick up a Fuji 240mm lens (are there multiple versions in thi s focal length?) I am looking for opions as to the general quality and utility o f this lens, My friend who is selling says it is the sharpest lens he has ever o wned. Currently I make the jump from a 210mm Nikkor W to a 300mm M-Nikkor. I nee d lenses that will cover a 6x17cm at least, so an image circle of 230mm+ would b e nice. Finally, what is a good, fair (to both of us ball park price? Thanking you in advance for your time & effort,

Ellis Vener

Shigehiro Ishii
6-Feb-1999, 12:38
Hi, Ellis,

The Fuji's 240mm you mentioned should be 240 f/9 Apo lens. This apochromat lens has 336 mm image circle which will cover 8x10. I agree with your friend. It's really sharp. Fuji has CM 250mm f/6.3 with 320mm image circle lens. This is much expensive and bulky.

Howard Slavitt
6-Feb-1999, 14:32
I think that a fair price (to both buyer and seller) on mint/ excellent condition used lenses is between 60-75% of the new price, depending on how rare/in demand/not in demand the particular lens is. Maybe as much as 80% if the lens is brand new, in the box, only used once or twice. In December I spoke with Badger Graphics and they were able to get the Fuji 240 new; if I remember correctly, they said the price was about $725 or so. 2/3 of that is $483. Some large format users have reacted strongly when I suggest that used equipment is only worth 2/3 of new equipment. When you buy new, you have a store warranty and a manufacturer's warranty. Neither is transferrable even if the warranty card is not filled out by the original purchaser. Moreover, if you buy with your Visa card and a problem develops you have additional protections.

Ellis Vener
6-Feb-1999, 15:44
Thank you for the help so far. It is not a brand new lens but I suspect it is li ttle used. Also helpful was the info table in the static content on the home pag e. I had not looked at it before. Very, very useful.

Gary Frost
8-Feb-1999, 21:52
I have one of these I got 2 months ago from Badger. They have been discontinued by Fuji, so supply will likely go down along with prices up? I have not used it alot yet, but appears to be very sharp. I understand it is corrected for 1:1 to 1:5 but still works very well at inf. If you have the use for it in 1:5 range, all the better. Most valued because it is small (copal 0), sharp. I like the focal length. As your friend is selling, maybe you could borrow it for a day and see what you think.

Good Luck

Bruce Z. Li
11-Feb-1999, 06:10

In Steve Simmons' "Using the view camera", page 112, there is a corporate ads picture taken with the above mentioned Fuji A 240/9, with comments as "very sharp". More comments on the Fuji A seires are on page 39. It seems like Steve likes them.

Lens test on the site


Also support the comments.

Jeremy Tavan
23-Oct-1999, 14:12
I know this answer is very late in coming, but I thought I'd mention that I have this lens, and it is absolutely amazing. 336mm image circle, as stated, and extremely sharp all across the field. I paid $650 for it new from Badger Graphic, who may not have any left, as it has indeed been discontinued. Camera Crazy in San Francisco might have some, as might The F Stops Here. I'm really happy with this lens as my general purpose optic (I like a slightly long "normal" length). It's tiny and light (less than half a pound in shutter).