View Full Version : Crown Graphic Modifications

Henry Stanley
3-Feb-1999, 18:04
For a lightweight and fun camera for street shooting, travel and a carry-around camera, I'm setting up one of my Crowns as a multi-purpose point 'n shoot. This , combined with a little auto-flash (Velcroed to the top), a couple of Ektars an d several Grafmatic holders and I'm in business. QUESTION: I remember recently s omeone describing how they reversed the front standard for forward tilts and did some filing on the bottom of the standard to achieve front swings (tilts in ver tical). If anyone can add details on this, please reply here or email me. Than ks! -- Henry

Ron Shaw
3-Feb-1999, 18:56
You dont need to modify anything for forward tilts. Just drop the bed, and the backward tilt becomes forward tilt.

Henry Stanley
3-Feb-1999, 20:37
Thanks Ron and others. I found the reference article I was looking for and I'm all set. Regards, -- Henry