View Full Version : Fotoman DMAX and vertical shift

19-Jan-2011, 21:02
For me this is a make or break question, on the fotoman Dmax camera when the camera is shifted up or down does the view finder move up and down as well?

With the shift adapters for 69, 612 etc that is not the case and the ground glass is useless to me at least.

Any comments are appreciated.



Oren Grad
19-Jan-2011, 22:31
AFAIK, architectural-type cameras that allow shifts generally require special masks that represent an arbitrary amount of shift to be manually installed in the viewfinder.

Silvestri offers a "shift viewfinder" that has a built in mechanism for simulating shift but requires the shift amount to be dialed in manually.

From the appearance of the DMax shown on the Fotoman.cc website, I'd guess that it has a simple finder that, at best, will have swappable masks for shift. But it's hard to be sure from the limited information provided.

I hope someone who has experience with these cameras can add further information.

20-Jan-2011, 19:33
thanks they replied it doesnt of course