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alex from holland
19-Jan-2011, 12:50
Hello all,

i bought a camera with this lens, but i can't find anything about it on the internet
Does anyone has some info ?

G.Rodenstock Munchen
Universal Anastigmat "Jmagonal" 1:7.5 f =48cm (aprox 18 inches)
height aprox 3,7 inches
width 4,2 inches
weight 2,4 kilo

what is the meaning of "Jmagonal" ??





Steven Tribe
19-Jan-2011, 13:11
Imagonal is a well known Rodenstock objective. They were found of -----gonal names. There is a Heligonal too, which is a 2 + 4. They went over to the Eurynar series which are usually (1+1) + (1+1) - which are much cheaper to produce.

alex from holland
19-Jan-2011, 14:05
Hi Steven,

it does not say Imagonal but Jmagonal
so it's Imagonal type ??
I took it apart. it's i lot of glass ! Two very thick pieces.


Dan Fromm
19-Jan-2011, 14:21
In some versions of the Roman alphabet used in Germany, the upper case letter we write as I is written as J. Jmagonal = Imagonal

jan labij
19-Jan-2011, 15:01
Alex from Holland --- [I]'m surprised at this question.. My family last name is Labij. As in dijk. My family is from Den Helder originally.

19-Jan-2011, 15:12
J and I in this case is the same letter.
Another good example of this, is the old Agfa Isolette folder.
See http://static.photo.net/attachments/bboard/006/0061vQ-14507784.jpg
for a image with J instead of I in the name.

Steven Tribe
19-Jan-2011, 16:16
I think that J which "crops" up all the time on illread Germany trademarks (JHAGEE , JCA for Ihagee and ICA) is basically because the old copperplate "I" is/was engraved as as J.
Similar to the old "fs" meaning ss. Ross pre-1859 is Rofs - but, of course read as Ross.
German still has the special writing (not on my keyboard!) for "ss".

Marko Trebusak
21-Jan-2011, 04:57
German still has the special writing (not on my keyboard!) for "ss".

I'm allways surprised as how many special caracters are hidden under "insert symbol" in MS Word. Here is "ss":


alex from holland
22-Jan-2011, 13:59
Thanks all for the help.