View Full Version : How to package unprocessed negatives shipped via airmail

nino loss
19-Jan-2011, 07:55

There is only one lab left in Israel that processes 4x5, and they charge accordingly. I would like to send my unprocessed negatives to Samy's in Santa Barbara. I have no experience with sending undeveloped negatives internationally by mail. How do you have to package them to protect them from x-rays? DO I have to worry about that?

Thanks in advance for your insights!


19-Jan-2011, 19:11
Talk to Fed/UPS and see what they say. It may not be worth the ulcers. Ask also for a
written copy of the rules for shipping chemistry from both Europe and N America.
If you do it yourself you won't have to worry that someone opened it to look without
reading your 'only in absolute darkness' warning. And the lead envelopes REALLY light
up those alarm lights, and foil looks like a bomb.
Good luck, and hey! let's be careful out there

Daniel Stone
19-Jan-2011, 21:04
I'd recommend talking with your local fedex/ups/ems service, and see if there is some sort of "press"(newspapers) exemption to keep the # of x-rays down to a minimum.

or check if there's some sort of diplomatic thingy you can use. might take a bit longer, but might help cut the x-rays down to a minimum


nino loss
20-Jan-2011, 03:48
Thank you for your reply, David and Dan!

Considering these difficulties, I am thinking of going back to develop myself. That would be cheaper, quicker and easier. I could still get a Jobo 2551 or a 3010 plus a roller. Only Tetenal/Unicolor for c-41 does not seam to be so readily available anymore, at least that's the impression I got (B&H only has two packages right now). I hope I'm wrong and I will be able to source down more of those c-41 press kits.

Daniel Stone
20-Jan-2011, 08:09
if you're going to do the DIY route, Fuji in the EU sells DIY kits, for E-6 at least, IDK about c-41. I'm almost 100% positive they DO.

you might want to look them up.

over on APUG, a very helpful gent, goes by the name "Photo Engineer" has recommended using kits that have SEPARATE bleach + fix steps, not an all-in-one, called BLIX. The reasoning for this is due to long-term stability problems, and the chemicals breaking down faster when combined together.

DIY is quite rewarding, especially when film is already pricey enough ;), and the cost of shipping isn't going down any lower!


nino loss
20-Jan-2011, 08:20
Thanks for that tip, Dan.

I have no idea how to find such a Fuji c-41 kit here in Israel. What is the exact name for this kit?