View Full Version : Put pacemaker standard on anny speed graphic?

18-Jan-2011, 14:01
Is it possible to replace the front standard of an anniversary speed graphic with a pacemaker / crown graphic standard to get front tilt ability?

Or should I just give it up and chase down a pacemaker speed graphic? ;)

18-Jan-2011, 14:29
Mine is setup that way. I bought it that way on ebay. Heck of a time trying to date the camera with a different shutter/body than front standard.

18-Jan-2011, 14:49
Better still a Super Graphic front standard will fit and gives a lot more movements.

I asked this question last year here and on Graflex.org and was told no way :D Now I have a Super Graphic so tried it, perfect. The standards are inter-changeable but you'll need to get the bellows to fit,


18-Jan-2011, 20:35
Just an update on mine. I think the front standard on mine is a 1952-53ish vintage pacemaker on a 40's era anniversary. Mine has the anniversary style shutter controls as shown here http://graflex.org/speed-graphic/anniversary-graphic.html, but newer front standard/sportfinder hoop/lens setup.



preanniversary definitely has a different track system than the pacemaker. I'm not sure which track system the anniversary has, since I'm not sure which track my camera has here.

19-Jan-2011, 03:07
That's an Anniversary (and pre-Anniversary) carrying strap, and the Anniversary & Pacemaker trackbed.

The Anniversary model is a half-way point between the early Speed Graphics and the later pacemakers.

Good to see your educating the young :D


Jim Jones
19-Jan-2011, 05:50
The bed on my Anniversary drops about 30 degrees, while its Pacemaker front standard tilts back only about 18 degrees. This precludes using a wide angle on the front rails with bed dropped on my often modified Anniversary.

K. Praslowicz
27-Jan-2011, 19:52
I've done the conversion to mine as well. If you don't want to fuss with the bellows, you can keep the anniversary bellows/lens board holder-thing and just replace the part of the front that tilts.