View Full Version : Walker Titan

Tony Mcardle
12-Jan-1999, 04:30
I'm a UK based industrial photographer who is thinking of buying a Walker Titan for location work. Does it work as good as it looks? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.

andrea milano
12-Jan-1999, 04:41
Hi! Buy it! it is a great camera if you don't mind the weight, try to contact mr walker directly, I met him at the photokina, nice chap, very helpful, sells direct, cheap rates, willing to help. Don't remember address, sorry about that. Have fun with your new camera!

tom Barrett
12-Jan-1999, 16:42
An excellent buy!!! I have owned a Walker Titan for a year and it has never failed me. I live in Georgia and the humidity does not bother it. This last summer I visited the desert Southwest and the dry heat had no effect either..It's a workhorse!!! I would'nt trade.

andrea milano
14-Jan-1999, 07:09
Again on the Walker. I haven't worked with the camera but I've played with it extensively at a dealer's and found it great but a little heavy. If I should ever have another camera(I have a wiata VX) I'll buy one!Check out the great ground glass!

Urs Bernhard
27-Jan-2000, 17:24
Take one of this great WALKERS. You will enjoy it. It is very well made, and it will follow you everywhere and everytimes, under all conditions and circumstances. It is not a toy, is a tool.