View Full Version : Adjusting a Canham DLC 45

Robert Ruderman
5-May-1999, 22:07


For those who own the Canham DLC 45 camera:

From speaking with Keith Canham, when the levers on the Canham DLC 45 camera nee d to be adjusted you should use .05 and 1/16 allen wrenches (American sizes).

These sizes are not typically available in "bulk" sets found in hardware stores, so you may need to look around a bit.


Larry Huppert
7-May-1999, 01:12
The Bondhus brand allen sets have both these sizes. I've seen them at numerous hardware stores (I believe Home Depot sells them) and through Micro-tools (www.micro-tools.com).

chris aubry
19-Aug-1999, 10:51
Also "Great Neck" N:HK11 which is an 11 piece set of hardened, tempered, hi-carbon tool steel, rust resistant, for less than $