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17-Jan-2011, 15:12
I first got interested in these cameras back in 2001 but like many postponed aquiring one for years.For the least 4 years i have used my Littman VII on every major editorial trip and advertising job.

It remains my favorite camera and while I alternate with other formats and digital ut there is something quite unique in the combination of high precision and responsiveness and ease of use and consistent results which have made my clients very happy..

I love the images it produces . the innovative design of the camera but most of all working with itI was somewhat reluctant to use 4x5 handheld to shoot women fearing 6x7 camera would make life easier in avoiding getting too close or for perspectives but the modified finder is true to film and after the first time I shoot with complete confidence that what i see will be as close to what i expect as possible..Here is a recent editorial i produced in Tulum using my Littman 45.

My first camera was all black and technical and have now ordred a second one with earthtones (LITTMAN TROPICAL CAMERA)

Steven Lyon Studios

Kirk Gittings
17-Jan-2011, 19:44
Mr. Lyon, you probably are well intentioned, but previous threads discussing the Littman camera has caused significant difficulties for the moderators of this forum including, but not limited to, phone and legal harrassment. These are agravations we don't need nor will we tolerate. So this thread is closed and may well be deleted-any similar threads will be closed and or deleted.

We hope you will continue to participate on safer subjects.