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16-Jan-2011, 18:38
Hi I've been using LF cameras for a while now, but only recently I bought one and I realised that my knowledge is close to 0 in matter of lens boards...
I'm the happy owner of a Horseman LS45, the guy who sold it to me gave me a nice symmar-s 210 (already mounted on the lensboard) and an extra linhof symmar 150 5,6.
I'd like to buy a lensboard to fit this lens but I'm really confused how to get the right size, could you tell me which one should I buy? If you could also direct me to some web page where i can learn more about lenses and lensboards I would much appreciate it!

John Kasaian
16-Jan-2011, 20:35
Ask Jim at Midwest Photo Exchange if he has any Horseman boards in stock.

Sanjay Sen
16-Jan-2011, 20:58
The S. K. Grimes website (http://www.skgrimes.com/lensboards/index.htm) has a lot of info on lensboards.

16-Jan-2011, 21:13
A Horseman or Sinar board drilled for Copal 0 shutter size will fit the bill. Alternatively, look for a Horseman to Linhof Technika adapter, which will let you mount the lenses in smaller Technika sized boards. This would be useful if you take the camera out, or get another brand camera (for which you would need a different adapter). If you plan to shoot only in the studio, and do not plan to get another brand/type of camera, stick with the Horseman/Sinar boards.


30-Jan-2011, 08:41
Sorry i didn't check the forum in a while, I just wanted to thank you all for the replies!