View Full Version : Gandolfi Variant levels

Steven Nestler
16-Jan-2011, 18:25
I own a Gandolfi Variant (4X5 MDF), with full movements front and rear. I have no paperwork for it, so, I'm not certain if it's Level 3. I'm selling it, and want to give accurate information. Can anyone tell me how to identify the level?


Walter Calahan
16-Jan-2011, 18:40
Does it have a fully rotational back? I believe the 3 had a rotating back, rise and fall back, and all movements.

I had an MDF Gandolfi Variant 2 many many years ago. So glad I no longer have an MDF Gandolfi Variant 2. Engineering nightmare.

Oren Grad
16-Jan-2011, 18:40

Steven Nestler
17-Jan-2011, 06:15
Oren and Walter,

john biskupski
17-Jan-2011, 11:59
Walter, could you tell us more about the 'engineering nightmare' please? I was intrigued by the Variant series, said to be more wide-angle friendly, and with what sounds like a very sturdy metal and wood rear standard construction. But I'd like to know what any issues are please.