View Full Version : Photofinish Darkroom Cleaner

Ed Richards
15-Jan-2011, 19:52

Anyone use this? I need to clean up dried fixer and Xtol from my plastic darkroom sink.

Keith Pitman
15-Jan-2011, 20:42
It's abrasive and will take the finish off the plastic. A friend ruined trays with it. Suggest a scrub brush. Anchell & Troop have a tray cleaner in their book.

bob carnie
16-Jan-2011, 08:34
I have had this product in my darkroom for years , pretty well found it useless maybe others found it helpful, abrasive for sure.

16-Jan-2011, 08:55
What about a very gentle rub with some Bon Ami?

Try in an inconspicuous spot first...

Renato Tonelli
16-Jan-2011, 09:13
Edwal makes a tray cleaner. I have used it and it works very well.


evan clarke
16-Jan-2011, 11:20
I use soft scrub for fixer residue, works quite well..EC

16-Jan-2011, 11:47
BTW, Xtol should wash off easily with water. If you have white spots, that is probably fixer which is much more of a nuisance to remove.

16-Jan-2011, 12:18
I need to clean up dried fixer and Xtol from my plastic darkroom sink.

If you clean your equipment immediately after use, you wouldn't have that problem. I immediately clean each piece of gear as soon as I'm finished using it without allowing the chemistry to dry. For example, if I'm using a Jobo processor I immediately wash the bottle in hot water while the processor is processing that step. If mixing chemicals I'll at least immerse each graduate in warm water and wash and dry all at the conclusion of mixing that step. The only thing that's discolored in my darkroom is the Dektol tank.

Ed Richards
16-Jan-2011, 15:23
That for the heads up that this is abrasive. I already scratched up some plastic with Scrunge. I will go for some SoftScrub.

16-Jan-2011, 16:55
on my counter top I use Fast Orange hand cleaner with Pumice on other things
Fast Orange with out the Pumice . it's PH balance & nontoxic AND works on
most every thing that I have tried it on
soaking in Clorox work on some things
I tried Ammonia it works BUT some things it reacts to AND can make one hell
of a stink & run me out of the darkroom