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15-Jan-2011, 17:26
Hello guys,
Anybody knows anything about this lens? The fd is around 9"
I thought EH&F made some cameras called Globus, not lens. I guess they also wrote the co. name in the lens.
Thanks in advance,

Jim Jones
15-Jan-2011, 20:59
Gorlitz is a German town where other brands of lenses were made.

Steven Tribe
16-Jan-2011, 04:26
This would have mounted on a "Globus" camera (with a focal plane shutter) from Herbst. Ernemann took over Herbst quite early in the 20th Century. The Globus were well thought of and Ernemann continued to use the name for a wide variety of tailboard and studio cameras.
They didn't make objectives. This RR is bought in. The 356 might be the lens type rather than a serial number. Didn't Lancaster make a 356 model RR? My VM is lost at the moment.

16-Jan-2011, 11:20
Jim and Steven, thanks for your input.
I check the lens closer and the number is 856, not 356. I will look for info in lancaster lens.
Thanks again.

Steven Tribe
16-Jan-2011, 11:37
If it is 856, then this the number engraving they reached on the lenses they had bought-in, chronologically. The Rapid Rectilinear suggest an export camera as Aplanat was the usual German name for this design.
There were plenty of local suppliers (Hugo Meyer).

26-Jan-2011, 06:30
Thanks Steven.