View Full Version : Trying to contact Harrison and Harrison Optical

Doug Webb
15-Jan-2011, 10:22
Does anyone know whether Harrison and Harrison Optical has changed their address or phone number. I have been buying filters from them for a number of years and their old phone number is now listed as no longer in service. 559 782 0121 is the old number. I hope this doesn't mean they are out of business. Any info on contacting them would be appreciated.

15-Jan-2011, 16:03
Hi Doug,
I found an email address (HarrisonOP@aol.com) for them on this site (http://infrareddreams.com/harrison.htm).
On this site (http://www.photonics.com/Company.aspx?CompanyID=5912) they list a toll free number. Maybe that one will work?

Good luck!!

Mike Black
18-Jan-2011, 14:26
Chambless Cine Equipment has been selling H&H filters for years, and they now have a notice on their site stating that they are having difficulty getting product from them. I emailed asking for any further details they could provide, and they said they now believe Harrison has probably gone out of business, as they have been unable to contact them for some time.

If so that is a shame - I bought a number of their B&W IR filters over the years and they were very reasonably priced compared to the big names.

Michael Kadillak
22-Jan-2011, 17:49
We have seen a number of really great vendors succumb to the competitive marketplace. I wish Strebor, Gnass and H&H (just to name a few) could have kept the ship afloat because they made great products.

Lynn Jones
25-Jan-2011, 14:51
I've known 3 generations of Harrisons, the founder in LA was a wonderful old gentleman when I was a photographer in my 20's and 30's. His son Hank and I were very good friends together with wife Marilyn, They retired (in Iowa) and son Will took over the business. We bought lots of stuff from him in Porterville, CA and then all of a sudden the phone message said "no longer in service". I assume that they are out of business. What a shame, H&H had received several technical Oscars for the many motion picture filter designs.

How sad, these were very good friends as well as great photo creators.