View Full Version : 14x17 Camera build.....the last one??

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Jan-2011, 08:48
As some of you know I have built two other ULF cameras with hand tools in my apartment. They work very well indeed. This time I decided to step it up a bit and have my good friend Matt Blais help me with the joinery. He has a nice Shopmaster and has been of great help.

We are at the point in the build where everything is done except the back with the GG. The bellows should be coming in from Custom Bellows soon and I already have 500 sheets of green x-ray film ( anyone need any?) and holders from Sandy King. Beautiful walnut ones that match the camera very nice.

The camera in the picture is 30" in length without the extension rail. The front movements are geared rise and fall, tilt and swing. The rear movements are geared tilt, swing and shift. So far it comes in at 17 lbs. I'm thinking when complete it should meet my projected weight of 20-22 lbs. Not to bad for a 14x17 walnut camera. Yes I have a tripod and head that will handle the beast. The 610 Nikkor weights in at 4 lbs and one of Sandy's holders is about 3 lbs. The bellows?

I started this in August of last year and like always have taken my time. The walnut is hand polished to 1500 grit and then waxed with some very nice French paste wax that Matt has. I based the design on an 11x14 Folmer & Schwing that Tri Tran has.
The pictures are small as they were taken with my cell phone and I'll get some good ones up at a later date.


Tim k
15-Jan-2011, 12:03
Looking good Jim.

Scott --
15-Jan-2011, 12:09
Inspiring. Why would it be the last one?!

Andrew O'Neill
15-Jan-2011, 12:27
Looking good, Jim. Any chance you can post bigger pics?
My camera is coming along slowly but surely... emphasis on slowly. Hope to have it working for summer.

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Jan-2011, 12:46
Well, I say the last one because the x-ray film makes it affordable to shoot. I mean .50 a sheet! I'm saving up to by more holders. This is about the largest size I can handle by myself in the field. Maybe at some point I'll build an 8x10 so I have all of my cameras built by myself but I love my Seneca Improved.

I will post bigger pictures more than likely next week. These are done with my cell phone. All i have now. Andrew make it a labor of love and put no deadline on the build. It has always worked for me.


Mark Woods
15-Jan-2011, 13:17
Hey Jim, good to see you're keeping out of trouble. ;-)

Jim Fitzgerald
15-Jan-2011, 14:21
Hey Jim, good to see you're keeping out of trouble. ;-)

I know I think it is about time I got into some trouble! Building all of these cameras and all I think I need to find some trouble!!!


Jim Fitzgerald
24-Jan-2011, 21:00
Just a quick update for those who may care. Got an e-mail from Keith at Custom Bellows this morning. Paid for my bellows and they are on the way!. Should have some good images to post soon. My friend and accomplice in this build Matt Blais took some nice photos the other day.


Tri Tran
24-Jan-2011, 21:35
That's exciting Jim. Hope to see it at the show. Mine is on its way now :)

Jim Fitzgerald
25-Jan-2011, 07:56
Tri, I'm working on it every night when I get home from work. Still a lot of final things to do.