View Full Version : Which Linhof Technika is it ?

14-Jan-2011, 18:46

Does anybody can tell which version of the Linhof Technika is this one :


From what you see, what would be the fair price ?


Frank Petronio
14-Jan-2011, 19:10
That is Technika IV and appropriate era lens. The Polaroid back is worthless and the auction description and photos are lacking in detail so I would be cautious before spending that much on a camera. It's on the high side of what these would be worth even if from a very reliable source.

14-Jan-2011, 19:12
I'd be concerned buying such an old camera from someone who does not know which variant of the camera it is (or realizes it should be put in the description). There is hardly any information beyond "it works", a single picture, and the seller only has a limited number of previous sales.

As far as I can tell it is a Technika IV. I'd never consider buying from such a seller, but if you do, make sure to ask a lot of questions about the condition. Bellows, GG, glass, shutter etc.

14-Jan-2011, 19:50

I skip my turn.

david ashley kerr
15-Jan-2011, 18:43
That is indeed a Technika IV,

I paid 600EUR for mine in 2009, from a European seller, so this guy is asking a bit much..

Standard era lens on that one should be a Schneider-Kreuznach Symmar 5.6/150mm, great all rounder..