View Full Version : Spec'ing new bellows - how to measure draw?

Scott --
14-Jan-2011, 14:49
Hi, all -

I'm spec'ing new bellows for the Asanuma, and need to figure out maximum draw. As the original bellows are off the camera, I'm not sure how I can accurately measure length on them. Alternatively, I can measure between standards. With both vertical, the draw is 14". But if I apply front forward tilt and rear back tilt, the draw at the center of the two standards becomes 15". Which is right? Is there enough give in a bellows that I can spec it for 14" and still get another inch out of it with movements?


14-Jan-2011, 20:02
Are you making the bellows yourself or having them made by a company in that business.

If the latter, just measure with front and back vertical, give them that dimension and the make/model of the camera. They'll know how to properly size the bellows.

- Leigh