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Bruce Pottorff
14-Jan-2011, 13:23
The uni bellows on my Ebony tends to vignette when using an 80mm lens with significant rise. Has anyone else experienced this? Do I need to spend the $$ on a bag bellows?


Bruce Pottorff

Drew Wiley
14-Jan-2011, 13:46
I haven't done 80, but have worked with a 90 quite a bit with no problem whatsoever,
and don't see why an 80 would really be any different. Just check through the corners
of the groundglass to make sure the bellows haven't folded funny. I make sure I store
my camera correctly folded. The "universal" part of the bellows tends to have a bit of
memory regarding how the creases collapse upon folding. If this is a problem just remove the back or lensboard and push out the offending part of the bellows in the
right direction before taking the shot. Also, with very short lenses I use both rear and
front base tilts to get the lens within focus range, rather than just the focus track.
That way you get the maximum amount of focus gearing engaged and the most stability.

Steve Hamley
14-Jan-2011, 17:07
Ebony what - 4x5 or 5x7?

80mm is the longest lens that I need to articulate the front standard for 4x5 - I assume this is the format since the lens will cover 5x7.

I've used the 80mm with significant rise w/o vignetting on 4x5.

Cheers, Steve

14-Jan-2011, 17:53
I came across another user mentioning this problem the other day:

Look at the last reply by Dan South, in his case, the issue developed after a couple of years.

Ed Richards
14-Jan-2011, 19:11
Which Ebony? I find it helps to pull the back off and check the bellows. You can often pull it away from the lens and make it work. I have not done much with my 80 yet, but on my 45SU I had a lot of problems with rise and fall with my 90mm. I bought the bag bellows for my architecture work. I do not think you would have any problems for most landscape work.

15-Jan-2011, 12:44
I've had this problem with an 80 on my 45SU once or twice. It helps to make sure the bag part of the universal bellows aren't flopping inward, you may have to poke that part out before you mount the lens. If you want full movements, a bag bellows may be necessary. I don't use the 80 often enough to warrant a second set of bellows.