View Full Version : Ground Glass Alignment

Andrei Frolov
10-Dec-1998, 15:44
I am not too happy about Fresnel ground glass that is installed in my Linhof Technika IV. Nothing seems to snap into focus, and small details are lost. I am considering replacing it with regular ground glass. (I had a brief experience with Technika III with regular GG, and liked focusing much better.)

I can easily buy ground glass, but can I install it correctly? Mechanics looks simple enough. My question is: How GG should be aligned? What precision is neccessary? I have digital caliper to measure depth t o half a thou. Or should I delegate the job to a professional?

Oh yeah, one other thing. Can anyone tell me the difference between regular Linhof screen and the one with micro grain?

Ron Shaw
10-Dec-1998, 17:27
The backside (lens side) of the ground glass needs to be in the same position as the current ground glass. Thickness can be different. If you meet that requirement, it should be straight forward job of replacing it.