View Full Version : Question about Aero-Ektars

Ramiro Elena
14-Jan-2011, 03:30
I've been searching for Aero Ektars on eBay and frequently see what appears to be lenses without their hood but can't make up my mind as if it is the lens hood it's missing or an entire element. I haven't had one in my hands ever.

For example this completed listing:

Can anyone confirm what part this is missing? If so, are there alternatives for lens hoods or are they not that crucial.
Thank you.

Walter Calahan
14-Jan-2011, 05:09
The lens you posted has its front element.

The "true" lens hood for this lens was built into the body of the camera. There is also a small black ring that is a "minor" lens hood that screws around the edge of the front element. This "minor" lens hood when unscrewed has no affect on the functioning of the lens, and does not impact on the front element.


Ramiro Elena
14-Jan-2011, 06:32
Thank you Walter, that sure helps. If I understood correctly, the item I showed is missing those two pieces (the plastic minor hood and the hood itself with the lettering).