View Full Version : Kodak Hobby Pac C-41 Kits, DoA?

13-Jan-2011, 21:37
Hey guys, I've done a little bit of searching online and haven't come across a definitive answer yet, maybe I can get some help here.

Fumbling around my college's darkroom, and found six 1 Liter Kodak Hobby Pac C-41 kits, unopened, with all chems still in tightly sealed aluminum packets. No dates on the packets or boxes, but considering how long ago Kodak stopped making and selling these kits, is there any way to salvage something from these kits?

Though I'm getting ready to start shooting and processing my own color neg 8x10, I'm not about to sacrifice a sheet before I know whether or not I need new chems.

14-Jan-2011, 10:15
You could try to salvage the Bleach, that's the most expensive component and also I think lasts the longest. You can get new Developer and Fixer so cheap on Adorama I wouldn't risk using old stuff.

Daniel Stone
14-Jan-2011, 10:24
can't you sacrifice some 4x5 or 120, even 35mm film to try out before you do the 8x10?

cheaper, even just a 1.99 roll of kodak gold 200 would work fine


Jim Noel
14-Jan-2011, 10:56
I would be surprised if it is not OK.As Daniel said, try a roll of 35mm or 120.


14-Jan-2011, 18:27
Hey guys, I ran to the pharmacy and grabbed a roll of Kodak 400 color and put it through the aged C41. To my surprise, the stuff looks pretty good! Still not sure if I'm going to chance it with sheet film, so I picked up some Tetenal kits to make extra sure.

Thanks again all for the advice!