View Full Version : Any 5x7 camera w/ low cost to convert to 4x5 or vice versa?

Masayoshi Hayashi
7-Dec-1998, 21:53
Shooting 4x5 for a couple of month, I sometimes feel if I could have more rectan gular format for landscapes and architectures. With my Schneider 72XL, I can get really wide when shooting with 5x7. But format changing sets aren't cheap in li nhof, Sinar, etc! The criteria of my next camera is then as follows: <ul> <li>Low cost format interchangeable (4x5 -- 5x7) <li>Compact and lightweight for extensive field work and backpacking <li>Can handle 72mm to 300mm even more? <li>Gear is not necessary but must be smooth operation <li>Is it a dream? </ul> Masayoshi

mike rosenlof
8-Dec-1998, 14:39
Canham's smallest wood camera is really a 5x7 with a reducing back. The camera is $2500 for either 4x5 or 5x7, then it's only another $400 or $500 to get the back for the other format.

Canham's metal 5x7 can be fitted with a 4x5 reducing back for similar costs.

There are 5x7 expansion(?) backs for the Wista and Tachihara wood cameras. These will handle a narrower range of lenses than the Canhams, but cost a lot less.

There are probably other (older) 5x7 cameras out there with 4x5 reducing backs available - that's going to be your most common, and most bulky option.

QT Luong
8-Dec-1998, 15:01
If cost has to be kept to $1000/$1500 I'd suggest the Deardorff, which fits all your criteria. Cheaper classic 4x5/5x7 cameras won't handle wide-angle lenses well. Canhams are great 4x5/5x7 cameras but cost around $3000 with both backs.