View Full Version : New Goerz Artar 19 f11 and 16.5 f9.5 value

13-Jan-2011, 10:21

This is my first post on this forum.
I'm trying to find out the value of these lenses.
My uncle owned a camera shop and these are a couple leftover items.
Brand new, never used, perfect condition in the original wood boxes (boxes are a bit beat up).

One has the original leather cap the other doesn't.

I wish I could use them, they look beautiful.

Thanks for the help.

13-Jan-2011, 15:39
I own a 16.5 f:9.5 n 817776 red dot mounted on an Ilex n4. It's incredibly sharp on my 8x10 negatives. Lots of movements. I wish I had also an 19 f:11...

Mark Sampson
13-Jan-2011, 16:38
Artars were meant for copy and graphic-arts work but perform well for normal photography. They were made from the 1920s to the 1990s, and the ones you have are popular among those who shoot 8x10. They will be worth more if (1) they are mounted in shutters and (2) if they have a red dot on the nameplate ring. If you look under 'lenses' on the front page of this site you will find a fair amount of information about them... just not values. But they're certainly not worthless and a search on eBay under 'completed auctions' should give you an idea of what they sell for nowadays.