View Full Version : Experience with Bromwell Linhof style lens boards on Canham

Larry Huppert
11-Apr-1999, 20:09
Has anyone out there had experience with Bromwell (Linhof compatible) lens board s (flat or recessed) attached to a Canham DLC45 with the Linhof adapter produced by Canham?

I recently tried them, and found they were *very* loose when mounted on the Canh am DLC45. I could hold the lens, and move the board back and forth like it was floating and not securely held down. There aren't any light leaks, however mult iple exposures would be completely out of the question. Bromwell sent me a seco nd lens board thinking there might be a problem with the item I purchased; the s econd board had the same issues. In the past, I've used Wista and Linhof boards without any problems. Bromwell mentioned that I'm the first person he is aware of who has had a problem. I'm trying to figure out if in some subtle way my Can ham Linhof adapter is out of wack or if the problem is with the Bromwell boards.

Ellis Vener
12-Apr-1999, 02:27
I have noticed this on a couple of the Bromwell boards I have. I have had any problems with registration though. Try making the board of the board a little bit thicker by using a strip of phototape or gaffers tape on the front top I suspect this problem is caused by the Bromwell boards being not as thick as the Linhof boards.