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12-Jan-2011, 20:35

I just received this Century 8x10 to 5x7 back with the intention of adapting it to my Korona View 8x10. It doesn't fit as it's a little smaller than the Korona back, however I was planning to "adapt" it. After seeing it, it appears to be a rather specialized back and I hate to hack it up if it could be better used by someone who is looking for just this part.

Can someone tell me what this was actually called? If it's quite common, I'll just build a new back to fit the Korona and adapt the 5x7 holder section to it. If its a specialized part and someone needs it, I'd likely trade it for a regular 5x7 back for the Korona or something of equal value.





12-Jan-2011, 22:04

It is highly specialized in the sense that it was made to use with several dividers or masks for multiple exposures in varying sizes on a single 5x7 sheet. Each divider had one open view area and the rest of the field was completely solid. If you've got the dividers (masks) or can locate them, the whole set up might be quite desirable to yourself or another large format shooter. As I recall from the one complete set I've seen, there would have been sets that went from two, up to eight exposures on one sheet or plate.

The different releases or locks and detents on the back allow for the plate to be moved in both axis' to place the unexposed line of sight onto the selected part of the film depending on the size wanted. For a skilled user, the set up allowed for the capture of multiple portraits in very rapid fire sequence.

Steven Tribe
13-Jan-2011, 04:47
This is an early model sliding "hack" 5x7 Century back. Later models have the four pin standard attachment system on the sliding back so that they can be used for 8x10 (or 5x7) standard backs.

13-Jan-2011, 04:59
steven, it does have the 4 point attachment on the 8x10 part of the back. it is an 810 reducing down to 57. it works as most all backs do.

not sure what value it may have. if you had a century camera that you wanted "original" then maybe. you would also need the small inserts that go in the back of the sliding back.

contact louis paccilla her on LF. he has a vast collection of wooden cameras. he may be one of the few people that could use this back. he is very knowledgeable as well. he probably has an 810 to 57 reducing back to trade you....if he does not i do (for kodak cameras mostly so you may need to do some fitting)


Steven Tribe
13-Jan-2011, 05:13
Yes Eddie, I noticed. But the most common Century "hack" slider fits into the slot/clip system of the Century Studio - to which can be attached your format of choice - as long as it has 8x10 pins.
Adjusting this, which seems to just balance on the 4 pins alone, seems dicey!

13-Jan-2011, 12:49
Thanks for the explanation. I don't have any of the masks, but can now see how they would be used.

Thanks Eddie, I'll contact Louis and if nothing there, will get back to you!