View Full Version : Rodenstock 65 f 4,5 or Schneider 65 f 5,6 ?

11-Jan-2011, 22:19
Hi to all, I made a features comparison and are all similar (not consider the f value).
In your opinion what is the better lens ?

Thank you in advance

John Schneider
11-Jan-2011, 22:33
The better lens (for you) is a weighted average of the price plus the shutter accuracy plus how well the filter size (I believe the Grandagon takes a 58mm, the S-A takes 67mm) fits with what you have for filters.

If you search similar posts (and you'll find dozens) you'll see that none of the major mfr's make anything other than great lenses; the sample-to-sample variation is likely to be larger than variation due to any implicit design differences between mfrs.

I've used both these lenses and couldn't see any difference.

Ivan J. Eberle
12-Jan-2011, 13:19
I'd chose based on the image circle. I have the Rodenstock specs looking for the Grandagon-N and note that the IC limited to 170mm.

John Schneider
12-Jan-2011, 14:28
As opposed to the Schneider, which covers 170mm (http://www.schneideroptics.com/info/vintage_lens_data/large_format_lenses/super-angulon/data/5.6-65mm.html)

12-Jan-2011, 16:33
Fuji also makes a SWD 65/5.6, and Nikon makes their SW65/4.

The four are all just about identical in terms of specs, the standouts are the Nikon which is faster at F4 (for focusing) and the Rodenstock with 58mm filters (the others all have 67mm). It is possible that the Nikon also has a bigger image circle at F22, since its rating of 170mm is for F16.

19-Jan-2011, 21:32
I've bought a Rodenstock 65 f 4,5 (but is not again arrived) already mounted on recessed lens board.
It's a second time that I buy a lens in New York, and I'm Italian.
Thank you to all for your kindness.