View Full Version : European source for Fuji Velvia sheet film 5x7" or 13x18cm

6-Nov-1998, 14:27
To all large format photographers,

Fuji sells Velvia 4x5" and 8x10" sheet film in the USA, but not the 5x7" (13x18c m) format. Fuji USA has been unable to help! I would like to locate a European supplier for 5x7" (or 13x18cm) Velvia. Can you furnish the name, mailing addre ss, or email address of a supplier?


David Nash
8-Nov-1998, 08:44

You could try the following company, Bob Rigby photographic in England. Bob has a web site, and you can also eMAIL him.


I tend to buy all my film and chemicals from him, as he offers a good service, and fair prices. Try him first, and if he can't help I can supply details of suppliers in London or elsewhere in the UK.

Best regards

David Nash