View Full Version : Brass from where? & Shutter ID plz

11-Jan-2011, 14:51
I picked up a century 9a last Friday in much better shape then i thought.
It came with a 5x7 and 8x10 back, both have pieces missing.

The 8x10 has it's glass but only has 1 retaining clip and some of the screws, though not missing any some don't tighten anymore.
For screws I went to Lowes & Home Depot. Anything they had was a little too large or too small.
Where can I get the correct vintage brass screws from, and also the brass glass clips.
Ebay only had 1 auction and that was stainless steel clips.

The 5x7 is a little weirder. Where the glass holder on the 8x10 has flanged brackets with a round hinge pin extending at each corner the 5x7 had 3 long unshanked brass screws and 1 common steel screw with the head snipped off. Looking at the frame itself I don't see original holes where it would have had brackets like the 8x10. This also has no clips and no glass at all and the frame springs are steel painted with black wrinkle finish paint.

Where is the best place to get these kinds of pieces.

The camera does have a shutter which from what i have researched seems to be a Packard Ideal #6.
Under where the lens board fits there are 3 nipples, 1 of them actuates the large black leaves of the shutter, the middle one is a wire on the inside soldered to some connections at the inside top of the shutter (for flash), the 3rd nipple goes to the other air actuator but the rubber has dried, cracked & fell away over the years so i can't try it. Looking at the front of the shutter I do see what seems to be the edge of an aluminum bar that moves, but i don't know if thats what the 3rd nipple is for.
The attached photo is the best i could get of the shutter.

Does anyone have any insight ?

Jim C.
11-Jan-2011, 22:34
The best i found for modern replacement brass screws is from American Intergrated Supply
I found them on eBay - http://stores.ebay.com/American-Intergrated-Supply
their brass screws are the closest match to the original Kodak 2D and probably Century
camera hardware. The only issue is that the threads aren't as deep as the OEM, but they
work well on my 2D restoration. I think they were # 2 and # 3 round head screws that I used.
I'm not familiar with what the brass retaining clips look like on a Century 9a, but you may try putting a want ad in the For Sale section of the LF forum to see if anyone has any spares they
want to part with.

12-Jan-2011, 13:52
I was looking for the same--brass sheet and screws to refurb an old Ansco. Looked all over and was spending more time looking than finding. One day I notice a display at the end of an aisle in my friendly Ace hardware store. Brass sheet of all thickness and they also had a wide assortment of very small brass wood screw that matched nearly perfectly.

Ernest Purdum
12-Jan-2011, 14:09
Your shutter has an actuating cylinder for each mode. One is a more or less "Instantaneous" operation, the other a "Bulb" or "Time" function depending on how you work the bulb.