View Full Version : Source for BTZS focusing hood?

10-Jan-2011, 21:12
I seem to be having a problem locating a source for BTZS focusing hood. The silver has flaked off my 4x5, and I also need a new one for 5x7. Maybe they're out of business?

10-Jan-2011, 21:23
D'oh! Never mind. Badger Graphics lists them.

Oren Grad
10-Jan-2011, 21:28
The View Camera Store was Phil Davis's authorized dealer for BTZS products:


keith schreiber
11-Jan-2011, 16:42
Hi Bill,

As Oren said, the View Camera Store is the place for all things BTZS. But you should be aware that their current focusing cloths are a bit different than the old silver/gray coated ones. The coating is now white and seems a bit thicker than the old version.

I recently had the same problem with the coating flaking off of the smaller of my 2 cloths. I ordered a new one but I am a bit disappointed and have decided to send it back. They eliminated a couple of the features of the old cloth that I really liked. The elastic end is permanently sewn into a circle, rather than the velcro going all the way up. The slits on the sides to accommodate easy access to knobs are gone. The sewing is a bit crude too, though that is rather unimportant. The 4x5 size seems a bit short to me, so consider going a size larger.

I would guess that the design changes were probably in response to customer requests, but personally I prefer the old style. Fred hasn't yet responded to my request to return it (sent yesterday), but I have no doubt that he will take it back. I have known him for almost 20 years and he is an honorable guy. Besides it is their stated policy to accept returns.

I hope this is useful to you.

~ Keith

Oren Grad
11-Jan-2011, 18:04
I bought my first BTZS hood, with gray coating, around 1996. After a few years the gray material disintegrated into little flakes of rubbery stuff, leaving a mess all around.
But my later ones with white backing, purchased at different times but all of them at least several years old now, are all holding up well.

Eric Biggerstaff
11-Jan-2011, 18:08
I have one of the white ones for 4X5, I will let it go cheap, just contact me.