View Full Version : Schneider Tele-Xenar 5.5/240-any good?

Bill Eadie
30-Oct-1998, 21:26
I have the opportunity to buy a Schneider Kreuznach Tele-Xenar 5.5 240mm in a Li nhof Press-Compur mount for $200. The lens appears to be in 9+ condition. I woul d like to use this lens for portraits (not tight head shots) with a Super Graphi c camera. Does anyone have any experience and/or opinions concerning the quality and usability this lens? Should it be avoided? Thank you for any information y ou may provide.

james mickelson
1-Nov-1998, 23:54
Buy it. $200 is cheap to death. It is a nice lens.

4-Dec-1998, 12:47
well, it's a nice tele for 200, you'll find that other than back movements, which would be what you'd use for portraits, it's pretty much worthless. It is unsharp and uncontrasty at f8, so it kinda works as a soft lens, but don't try any front moves at infinity it barely covers.