View Full Version : Negative sleeves for 9x10

9-Jan-2011, 18:28
I am going to try masking soon for 8x10 negatives. I will be taping a 1x10 inch strip of film to the long dimension so the resulting film will be 9x10.

Anybody know of a source for 9x10 negative sleeves (or 10x10)?

I saw some 10x10 at B&H but I was not sure exactly what they were and the minimum quantity is 1000 which is a little optimistic for me.


Any alternative ideas are appreciated.

Oren Grad
9-Jan-2011, 18:52
The product that B&H is selling is from these folks -


Unfortunately, the website doesn't allow direct linking, but if you click on the "Film Sleeving" tab you'll find the 10x10 product.

Most of their products are also packaged in smaller quantities under this brand:


But it's the same company, the same underlying product. They sell direct, too. It might be worth a call to see whether they'd be willing to sell you a smaller quantity of the 10x10.

Of course, if you can get away with a 1/2x10 strip, you've got plenty of options.