View Full Version : Navitart lenses..anyone heard of them?

tim atherton
21-Oct-1998, 22:26
Anyone know anything about Navitar lenses - who made/makes them, when were they made, quality etc?


Tim A

Richard Fish
22-Oct-1998, 08:02
Navitar lenses are flat-field projection lenses, and are excellent for slide projection in large lecture halls.

tim atherton
22-Oct-1998, 11:54
This is a 150mm 5,6 Navitar in a Copal 0 shutter, so what is this? Any ideas?

David Nash
24-Oct-1998, 07:55

I had a Navitar 150mm lens which was bundled with my Arca-Swiss 5x4" camera when I bought it. I found it was a bit limited with 5x4" - it had very little coverage, and could vignette with almost the slightest of movement. The overall quality wasn't too bad, but my new Rodenstock lenses are in a different league...

Best regards

David Nash