View Full Version : Need info on Linhof 13x18cm"Medizin"(?)

Tad Patrick
16-Mar-1999, 15:45
Hello LF and Linhof buffs! I need your input please. I've come across an older Linhof that doesn't look like a Tech III and I think what Tuan mentions in the 5x7 round-up section as a "Medizin". Of course all metal construction, a rotating/tilt/swing back (on rods), focus hood and 13x18 holder back, drop bed, 22" bellows extension, front rise (geared)/swing/shift (geared)/back tilt. Looks like it could of had a range finder on top(?). Brackets on left side for strap. Black leather covering. Black crinkle paint inside. Three tripod mounting spots (two on the bed). I'd appreciate hearing from anyone willing to share thier knowlwedge or experience with this camera. My intrest is based on a desire for a economical, solid, somewhat versatile, yet compact 5x7 LF camera for b

Bob Salomon
16-Mar-1999, 19:47
You can call me at 973 808-9010 x15 and I can answer questions on these cameras and arrange to fax you specs. I will be in on the 17th and then back 4/4.

BTW where do you plan to get this size film and holders

Vishal Mathur
18-Mar-1999, 22:10
I have one of these "Medizen" things,it is old (serial #3200), and it certainly does meet your criteria for a solid and compact 5x7. What is the serial # your camera? In fact, at 8.5x8.5x4.5 inches (w/o knobs), it is probably the smallest 5x7 camera possible, packing in not much more volume than a 4x5 technika V with rangefinder. Though later versions of the 5x7 technikas may have "significant" improvments over the medizen, they also weigh 3-5lbs more, almost insuring that they get left behind when walking far. It is also very easily modifiable to use a 90mm lens on a flat board with full movements, and in case anyone is concerned that the bed only drops 15 degs, a half inch of rise will clear it in vertical mode - not a problem with the Nikor 90/8. Overall it is a great camera, but downsides are:1)Reducing backs nonexistant or impossible to find and can only be replaced by removing for screws and carefully realiging the retaining tabs. Later technikas had the sliders. 2)Lensboards are smaller than the later 5x7 cameras, so you either get some custom made, or adapt down to a smaller size. But since the board is barely larger than the common 4x5 technikas, this is not very easy. Horseman 2x3 boards would work, but are too small for #1 shutters. Because of these reasons I ended up with a Canham MQC57, but I still think the Linhof is nicer to use, but not by much. Email me if you have any questions.

bryan whitney
30-May-2001, 23:58
I have a Medizin and like it very much. One thing to be aware of is that (I believe) these cameras only take the special thin metal sheet film holders that are almost impossible to find. I had mine modified (by my girlfriend) to take a regular 5x7 back. In terms of compactness and studiness it can't be beat. You may think that you need "latest technology" in your 5x7 but actually, at the time of this camera (late 30's) they had a pretty good idea of what was necessary (front rise, rotating back, swing front and back, tilt front. Add the lense of your choice and shoot. Its simple. The rest is up to you.