View Full Version : Are f/2 or less lenses available for 8" x 10" format?

Prashant Shevgaonkar
25-Sep-1998, 03:23
I am trying to build an opaque projector for A4 size paper. Will a large format (8" x 10") lens work? I need apertures of atleast f/2. Are any lenses this big a vailable? What would be the approx. prices?

Ellis Vener
25-Sep-1998, 06:01
You need a projector lens, not a camera lens. If there is an f/2 lens for an 8x1 0 camera I don't think you would want to pay for it or would be able to pick it up. Try Edmunds Scientific.

Alan Gibson
25-Sep-1998, 08:12
I started such a project some years ago. One day, I'll finish it. I already have a suitable lens: it's an un-named 8" f/2.9, that covers A4. It has a variable aperture, that isn't needed for this application, of course.

I bought it at a camera fair, some years ago, for about #10 (UK).