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7-Jan-2011, 17:00
Anybody have a user manual for a Horseman FA?

I found a reference to one searching these forums from a post several years ago, but when I tried to contact the person who had offered to send a pdf in that post, the email address bounced back.


Robert A. Zeichner
7-Jan-2011, 17:20
there is a manual for the Horseman VH-R which is similar here: http://www.butkus.org/chinon/horseman/horseman_vh-r/horseman_vh-r.htm

Richard Wasserman
7-Jan-2011, 17:45
I don't have a manual, but I do have and use the camera. Please let me know if you have any questions and I'll be happy to do my best to answer them.

7-Jan-2011, 21:51
I just got a manual, mostly as a collector item. After using the FA for 3 years, there was not really anything in there I did not know. Is there anything in particular you need from the manual?

I just set the front detents for tilt, rise and swing, but that info is not in there.

john biskupski
8-Jan-2011, 11:44
I don't recall seeing a user manual, but the Komamura website used to provide the spec sheet for the camera, and a list of compatible lenses. By that I mean those with a sufficiently small rear lens element to fit through the 45FA front standard, and with a suitable flange focal distance for the bellows. B&H catalogues also used to show all accessories available, I don't know if they are still listed.

8-Jan-2011, 13:31
B&H still have this pdf on their site:

8-Jan-2011, 17:00
Here is the link: http://komamura.co-site.jp/manual/HORSEMAN/HORSEMAN_45FA_Manual.pdf

8-Jan-2011, 17:43
Many thanks for everyone's help!

This is a slight change of subject, but has anybody ever seen a definitive list of which lenses can be folded up inside the FA?

I know that the 135mm Sironar N will work and is highly favored, but are there others as well?

Also, is it possible to use a Linhof viewfinder with an FA? (Wondering if the shoe mount will fit, since the mount on the top of the FA is flush with the molding.)

Thanks again

8-Jan-2011, 21:49
Horseman Technical camera FAQ: http://www.komamura.co.jp/e/faq_tc.html

And specifically THE lens list: http://www.komamura.co.jp/e/lens_list.html

One lens not in there is the Caltar HR 90mm 5.6. This is a re-branded LF Topcor 90 5.6. These are the only two 90mm f5.6 lenses that fit through the hole (though they actually are the same lens).

Sal Santamaura
9-Jan-2011, 11:00
...I know that the 135mm Sironar N will work and is highly favored, but are there others as well?...150mm f/9 G-Claron; 150mm f/9 Germinar W; 150mm f/6.3 Fujinon W. Any other lenses in a Copal/Compur 0 shutter with front cell diameters of 43mm or smaller. I don't know which those might be.

john biskupski
10-Jan-2011, 12:08
I think the little Fuji 125mm was reputed also to fit inside.

Concerning the viewer, yes the Linhof does fit into the hotshoe, but not very deeply, and it is not secure if moving the camera. I haven't used the Linhof finder with this camera. As the hotshoe is centered, my guess is that the Linhof 4x5 viewfinder should work approximately OK, especially at longer distances. However, as it does not sit in very deeply (ie far foward) in the hotshoe, the front lens of the viewfinder is about one inch behind where Horsemans own dedicated viewfinder comes to and this may give framing errors especially at shorter distances.