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Jim Chan
7-Jan-2011, 15:38
Does anyone have some sample images they've made with the Cooke XVa that they'd like to share? There seem to be several threads about it's sharpness (or possible lack thereof in single lens configuration) and flare resistance, but there seem to be very few pictures taken with this lens in other threads. I would love to see some images people have been making with this lens!

Also, how much of a nuisance is it to screw and unscrew elements in the field, and mess around with the dynamic aperture scale? More trouble than it's worth?


Walter Calahan
7-Jan-2011, 17:17
Here's me with my KB Canham and my Cooke XVa in the 476 mm configuration.


Samples (which are rather small because they're up on my web site, and not all the images on this page were made with the XVa):





Haven't had any problem working the lens in the field. The aperture ring isn't a problem. Nice to have one lens instead of lugging 3.

Hope that's helpful.:p

Ken Lee
7-Jan-2011, 19:56
Walter, you look like a really nice guy !


Jan Pedersen
7-Jan-2011, 20:00
Agree with Ken, i think you have grown up quite nicely now :)

Diane Maher
17-Jan-2011, 18:12
I finally finished developing my negatives (some of which I shot using this lens). I don't have any prints made yet.

I agree with Walter's comments regarding the lens and its ease of use in the field.

Jim Chan
21-Jan-2011, 16:21
Thanks Walter and Diane. I bit the bullet and put in an order with badger, since Jeff told me there would be a production run possibly sometime this month. I like the idea of carrying only only the cooke and a wide angle in my pack. Hope it works out! :)

4-May-2011, 08:16
I just got my one #158 and will try this weekend if I have a time.