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Scratched Glass
7-Jan-2011, 12:47
A couple of nights ago I processed my first film at home. I've used a Jobo when I worked at a photolab, but this was with a stainless steel tank and kodak hangers. I learned some lessons with my PlusX that expired in 1994. I also processed some 120 Delta 100 from a tlr that turned out very nice.

1) the PlusX is crap, emulsion separation
2) More than one tank would be helpful, but pouring the used chemistry into ice cream buckets in the dark worked surprisingly well.
3) I need more chemistry in the tank, about a 1/8 of an inch was unprocessed.
4) I need to focus on composition even when it is very cold.
5) Clean the hangers!
6) Tank processing wastes developer, hold off processing until I have a large batch to process
7) Need a better process to reduce dust on negatives when shooting
7) I think I'm hooked on processing B&W

Results: Processed in Ilfotec DD-X and other Ilford chemistry
Pacemaker Speed Graphic


10-Jan-2011, 01:04
Nice results for a first batch.

I'm getting things ready to start processing my film at home also as the community college is closed for the winter session and has suspended Saturday morning open lab due to budget cuts.

If you think you are wasting too much developing chemistry, why not use a replenisher? I know when I used to develop in an open tank with nitrogen burst agitation, (talk about being spoiled). A few ounces of replenisher was added after every batch of film that was developed. The lab was using Kodak HC110 Dilution B. I'm not too sure if Ilford chemistry has replenishing formulas, as I was raised with Kodak chemistry :D

Scratched Glass
14-Jan-2011, 08:09
Thanks, While replenisher is probably a good idea, I mostly shoot color and I don't know if I'll be able to use up a bottle before it expires anyway.:) Sorry it took so long to respond.