View Full Version : Very ULF camera movements

John Jarosz
7-Jan-2011, 12:30
From users of very large ULF (14x17 and larger) cameras I'd like to know the following: What kind of movements, swings, tilts etc do you feel are essential?

Of course your answers are dependent on your typical subject matter, so you need to tell me that as well.

I have an opportunity to build myself a larger camera and I think some opinions based on field work would be the most relevent. I think 8x20 is too small to base design decisions on for a much larger camera (16x20 or 20x24)

The tripod issue seems to be a major consideration. What are your opinions on conventional heads vs a tripod that just uses leg extensions to achieve position? Maybe a conventional tripod is not so good, is a cart or something else better?

this is mostly for outdoor work.

Thanks, your comments may allow me to build this only once, instead of twice. :D