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7-Jan-2011, 11:53
Hi All,

So it's here and lovely :)

I'm just reading the odd online Japanese/English manual and I cant figure out how I get the back door off of the ground glass to put a roll film back on...

It opens and swings and moves upwards but the manual doesn't specify how i take it off fully?

Help please :)

Ta Muchley!

Bob Salomon
7-Jan-2011, 12:39
You have a RF or something else?

The RF comes with 2 instruction books. One for the operation of the camera itself whose cover is marked SP and VX and the second with a cover marked RF that goes over the RF focusing and camming.

The first book on the bottom of page 13 has the instructions on using roll film on the RF/ SP and VX cameras.

7-Jan-2011, 15:21
Sorry - yes a Vx - brain to finger failure. The instruction manual i have found online just poorly reads that the bottom hinge is easily removed... doesn't say how?

8-Jan-2011, 02:13
Ah ha!

Got it sussed!

Gummy hinge - little oil and it now comes off a little too freely when you open that door!

Ho Hum - Now to get some sheet film and conduct some *first tests*!


9-Jan-2011, 07:01
Ok so another probably stupid question but i cannot find an answer - how far out onto the tracks do you bring the lens? All i find is guides saying focus with the focusing knob. Should i keep it as close to the glass as possible to allow for less drop off?