View Full Version : vignetting

17-Sep-1998, 19:44
i am using a master linh.tech. with a new apo-symmar 180/5.6

since using this lens i am noticing a very small vignetting on the four corner of the chromes. please note that the pictures was taken with no swing,tilt or any other movement . the subjects are beetween 3ft and 8ft. the films holders are several differents new lisco. could any one help me to find what cause this problem?

many thanks. luc

Mike Long
17-Sep-1998, 21:57
That lens has plenty of coverage for 4x5. Are you using a filter holder or a len s shade that extends too far? Are you stopping down? (I don't know the coverage at F5.6 but it would be less than at the standard specification aperture of F22) .