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6-Jan-2011, 16:34
What do any of you know about Fuji Fujinon lenses.I'm looking at a 150mm f5.6 Fuji Fujinon lens for around $160.00.Are these lenses any good???

Joseph Dickerson
6-Jan-2011, 18:01
I have a 135mm Fuji f/5.6W which is my favorite lens. It's 30+ years old, in Seiko shutter. Very sharp with great coverage. The whole Fuji line has a very good reputation.

The one you're looking at sounds like a bargain...if there are no issues. Be sure and check the shutter speeds and look at the glass for signs of separation or fungus.

If you search the forum re: Fuji lenses you'll find plenty of information.

Joe D.

MIke Sherck
6-Jan-2011, 19:35
I have several Fuji lenses; they are excellent. I have no concerns about buying them.


7-Jan-2011, 00:54
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7-Jan-2011, 05:20
I use a Fuji 250mm, not too heavy and perfect for my needs.

Bob McCarthy
7-Jan-2011, 05:58
That's well below where they usually sell for a clean pristine late model example. Either a bargain or an lens with issues.

Do your homework!


7-Jan-2011, 06:52
With used modern lenses for large format, condition is far more important than design and build quality. All modern large-format lenses are excellent when in good condition.

This price is excellent, but not too good to be true. 150's are the cheapest and most common of all large-format plasmat designs, with 210's being a close second. Getting them for a couple of hundred dollars or a bit less isn't uncommon.

Rick "but you still have to check the condition or trust the seller" Denney

Chuck Pere
7-Jan-2011, 07:05
Some information at: