View Full Version : Toyo-view 45CX? Any info?

Richard S. Ross
15-Sep-1998, 15:01
I just saw this listed on the Toyo web site. Does anyone have any additional info about it? In particular how much does it weigh? At $600 List Price, it looks like a better alternative to the Calumet Cadet for a starter camera.

Stewart Ethier
16-Sep-1998, 12:33
There is a full page ad in the latest Shutterbug (arrived yesterday), listing specs. Street price is $549. Yes, it seems like a better deal than the Calumet Cadet.

Michael Mahoney
16-Sep-1998, 17:17
Richard: The 45CX is a 45C without the geared rise and fall or revolving back, a s near as I can tell. The 45c weighs 9lbs., so the CX should be a little lighter . You've seen the Toyo site info, you may want to try the B&H site as well - ver y informative on Toyo. Address: www.bhvideo.com/photo/large/toyo/45c.html

Ellis Vener
20-Sep-1998, 04:12
I visited with the local mamiya/Toyo rep today at an inhouse demo at a local cam era store and played with the the new 45CX. It is a student/ beginners camera an d not designed for heavy duty use, BUT for US$500.00 it is not bad. Fine focus o n front and rear standards is geared but no other movements are. Axis tilt and s wing. Standard bellows looks like it is about 15" and would compress to allow us e of a 90mm lens. The lens board is small, probably compatible with Toyo 45 seri es of field cameras but could be proprietary. The lens moard mount stage is real ly deeply recessed from the front standard uprights. The back is not revolving b ut is switchable from vertical to horizontal. No fresnel or brightscreen is incl uded. The bellows is interchangable and the creases in the standard bellows defo rm easily. The rep described it as a "Calumet Cadet killer"; I think it is also aimed at the Sinar F1. If you are interested in getting into 4x5 and want to see if it is for you, or if you are a student who needs a 4x5 for a class but doesn 't expect to really use it much, this is worth looking at. But just don't expec t it to hold up over the long haul.