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Paul Corcoran
6-Jan-2011, 08:37
Hi all,
I have just recently purchased a second hand sinar f1 camera. everything looks good except for the backplate. The plate with the ground glass appears to see stuck at an angle as shown in the image attached. the silver levers will not move and i don't want to force them. does anyone know what the problem is, hopefully its something small but i've looked at it over and over and i can't figure it out. i'm totally new to large format and this camera so any help in solving the problem would be greatly appreciated.



David Hedley
6-Jan-2011, 08:59

This has happened when I have used a Fuji PA45 instant film back, because the width of the holder pushes the back too far, and the metal rails are forced beyond their normal end stop. I thought I had broken the back when it first occurred, but a bit of gentle movement to move the mechanism back to its normal position eventually worked. You may need to hold and move the silver levers which open the back out as you do this. I don't know if there is a 'standard' way to do this (and I'd like to know if there is), but gentleness and patience seemed to work for me.

Bob Salomon
6-Jan-2011, 09:05
Why not ask Sinar?

6-Jan-2011, 09:44
I'd start by removing the back from the camera, so that you can get full leverage on it without damaging the bellows etc. should you slip.

Sorry just noticed you're new to LF and this camera. If you look at the rear of the camera as if you are composing an image, on the top left of the rear standard there are two levers. They one closest to the bellows releases the bellows. The one closest to the back releases the back. Hold the back itself as you slide the lever up to stop it falling to the ground.

If no-one else chimes in i'll have a look at our Sinar cameras and see if I can work out how this can be undone.

Paul Corcoran
6-Jan-2011, 14:43
Thanks everyone for your help and i'm glad to say with your help i've managed to sort it out.

Thanks again