View Full Version : Rear Lens Cap - 90mm 8/SA MC

Shawn Dougherty
5-Jan-2011, 18:00
I have a fine example of the venerable 90mm Super Angulon f8 that is Multi Coated.

serial #14198xxx

I need a rear cap, this is the only cap I need so I really don't feel like making something. Willing to spend the cash on a Schneider cap from B&H - but they only list them by size - not for a specific lens. I don't have a means of measuring something to the half mm handy...

Does someone have this lens and cap? Some of my other Schneider caps have the size stamped on the inside.


Paul Bujak
6-Jan-2011, 06:55
My 90mm SA rear cap says "s/n 223726.1 57mm" on the inside. Hope this helps.


Michael Jones
6-Jan-2011, 10:21
Call service at the NY location of Schneider/Century Optics. They know the proper cap & size. I have found them very helpful, even with old lenses.


Shawn Dougherty
6-Jan-2011, 10:43
Thanks, Paul. Some of my Schneider caps have the info you mentioned and some have that PLUS a size.... I couldn't find that number anywhere at Schneider or B&H.

Thanks, Michael. I assumed because they are not current production that Schnieder wouldn't be able to help. I saw your post and e-mailed them. I got a near immediate response!

For anyone else looking for the info here it is:

65-069703 ~ 57mm

The Schneider cap is only $5 at B&H.

Tony Lakin
6-Jan-2011, 11:19
Mine says SN 223/26-57.

Good luck:)

Shawn Dougherty
6-Jan-2011, 20:03
57 confirms what Schneider quoted me then. Thanks, Tony.